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Energy Plastic Cable Drag Chain for CNC Machine



Product Description 

The drag chain is suitable for the NC machine tools, machining centers, automated machinery, production lines and other kinds of machine tools, robots, transport machinery, measuring instruments, handling devices,s and other liquid drive control as wire, cable, gas hose protection device, can take on machine tools, machinery and equipment moving parts run harmoniously, can play safety protection and the ability to guide, can prolong protected wire, cable, liquid, gas hose service life and reduce consumption, can significantly improve the machine tools, machinery and equipment of wire, cable, liquid, gas hose to confirm the unorderly situation existing in distribution, make it tidy and rules are arranged together, can enhance the overall artistic effect of machine tools.

Product Feature


Drag Chain looks like the tank chain drag chain, consisting of many links. Link is composed of the up and down four sections; each section can open, convenient installation, open the cover plate after putting in the cable, tubing, the trachea, etc.

Material and Performance

Material: Reinforced nylon, good toughness and wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
Operating Life: Under regular use, up to 5 million reciprocating motions.

Drag Chain Selection

High: Select the built-in cable, tubing, the trachea, and conduit maximum height for reference, and the height of the drag chain at least 10% of the remaining space.

Wide: Choose the built-in cable, tubing, trachea, the sum of its outer diameter for reference, and the width of the drag chain at least 10% of the remaining space.

plastic cable chain

(1) The fuel tank chain in the shape of a towline is composed of a large number of unit links, and the links can be freely rotated.
(2) The same series of towline height, outer height, same pitch, drag chain width, bending radius R can have different choices.
(3) The unit connecting rod is composed of left and right link plates and upper and lower cover plates. Each part of the chain can be easily opened and removed and removed without threading. Cables, pipes, air pipes and water pipes can be placed in the chain after the cover is opened.
(4) Another separator can be provided to separate the space within the chain as needed.
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Product Description

Recyclable PE Plastic Chain

△Strong and durable with UV protectant added to resist fading

△Ideal safety barrier for use with crowd and traffice control stanchions, industrial safety cones and signs, garden ground post stakes, hanging plants and more.
△Premium PE Material


Colourful: you can choose any colour which you like,such as yellow,etc.
Portable: they are easy to use,such as highway,road,supermarket,etc.
Used: connect the bollard,cone or etc.
Model: made by advanced technology,not easy to be out of shape
Durable: because they are made of new plastic material.